Sunday, July 6, 2014

Ticked off!!

So I had my first home Tick experience today!! It freaked me out a bit I must say. I have always been a bit paranoid about ticks and hate the thought of these things just moving in and feeding off my body like the little toxic vampires that they are!!

Count Dracula Vermin 

So I felt an itch on my leg just above my knee, scratched away and felt a tiny thing that wasn't coming away. I looked closely and it was a tiny tick. I quickly googled tick removal options and pulled that sucker out with my best tweezers!! He promptly got squashed and then I did what I always do and did the google over kill on ticks, tick removal, tick life cycle, tick defence and tick deaths!!

It was only tiny but that scared me more. I now am paranoid I have an infestation crawling around in my hair just waiting for me to sleep so they can feed and poison my bloodstream with their nasty toxins.

Besides the gross factor, paralyses ticks can be very dangerous to animals and humans. 
In 1989 20 people died of paralyses ticks in Australia!! (This I found out after the tick was removed and now has me hyper paranoid)....anyone know where I can get a bee keepers outfit?!?

Before Feeding and After!! YUCKKKKK!!
These guys must wear elastic waist pants! That's a big weight gain!

Aside from the Tick drama I managed to unpack another dozen or so boxes and ruthlessly culled anything I unpacked that I couldn't remember even owning let alone ever packing.
I have to confess I might have a little hoarder bone in me but I'm determined to kill it and simplify everything.

I walked around my gardens again today, neck to ankle tick protection clothing on now.
It is so beautiful in this part of the world and I feel incredibly lucky to have come here to live, I wont let a little bug bug me too much. 
The boys come back from holidays next week. I can see one over protective mummy driving them nuts about protective clothing and shaving of their hair!!

Feeling itchy??