Friday, January 28, 2011

New York State of Mind

Me Hanging in Central Park.

Have bike will shop!!

Here's Natalee Waiting for the Jitney to take us back to NYC

I often get asked about our thrilling trip to New York that we took last year. Natalee and I had 2 fabulous weeks in New York City and East Hampton's which consisted of serious work (that's for you Mr Tax Man )  some great Interior Stalking and plenty of high end cultural immersion (Well we met Bradley Cooper!!!) One of the main reasons we went was to etch out a rough itinerary for The New York/Hampton's trip we want to develop as a yearly trip for Lily G Clients. We have already been inundated with interest and it seems a big girly trip to The Big Apple and The Hampton's is just what You ladies want!! Husbands/Kids not invited (sorry) but if we are going to go it's going to be serious girl bonding and shopping and star spotting (I seem to have a knack for that :)) eating and shoe obsessing trip!!! We will be touring through some of the most gorgeous Hampton's homes and staying and eating at all the secret little places that tourists never get to see!!

So while thinking about this endeavour (which will hopefully take place August this year) I was looking at the photo's from the trip and came across the photo's of The Maidstone Hotel  a lovely boutique hotel with the most fabulous interiors, it is whimsical with a happy saturation of Scandinavian influence in the way of Josef Frank fabrics. I have tried to source this amazing fabric in Australia and may have to ship it over because I love love love it!!

The front steps of The Maidstone.

This is the cosiest little space in real life. Sheep skin, Cow skin, it's all happening here.

Of course Ingrid Bergman adorns the Powder Room. Shrine to The Swedish Actress

Love these chairs....

More of Josef Frank's fabric from High Heeled foot in the door