Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Courage to follow a dream

We have again been very busy at the shop, changing displays, wallpapering, organising furniture. We have had a great response to our Carribean Room and as always it is wonderful to meet all the lovely ladies (and gentleman) that make that special trip to Lily-G.
Everyday we hear such lovely and positive feedback from our clients. This is the main reason I wanted to go into retail to get that immediate gauge on how we are doing as a service and how we can improve on an already successful business model.
We are still in the process of deciding what stock to put on the on line shop.
I have sourced my own Linen Range which will be classic and elegant and from the same mill house that supply for The Ritz and for Harrods!! So am very very excited about that and will be selling that on line too. That is only a couple of weeks away so I guess I better get my Toosh into gear.
I know that shopping on-line is convenient and easy but I still feel that a tangible experience is the most integral part of the experience, and I watch my clients walk dreamily around the store touching the fabrics, languishing on the comfy lounges and smelling the gorgeous candles and soaps...I know that having a store and an ultimate location for people is vitally important.
We are all working very very hard here at Lily-G to keep enhancing an already good experience into a great one.
The shop is transforming into what will be it's final carnation.. A gorgeous retail space and Complete Interior Decorating and Design consulting space up on the Mezzanine level.
I was going to transform upstairs into a bedroom but our Interior Jobs are happening so fast that we need to expand into a much larger area...so It's upstairs we go!!
Saying that though my bed should be arriving any day and it will be featured beautifully right in the middle of the shop so that is going to be something new and exciting.