Friday, January 28, 2011

New York State of Mind

Me Hanging in Central Park.

Have bike will shop!!

Here's Natalee Waiting for the Jitney to take us back to NYC

I often get asked about our thrilling trip to New York that we took last year. Natalee and I had 2 fabulous weeks in New York City and East Hampton's which consisted of serious work (that's for you Mr Tax Man )  some great Interior Stalking and plenty of high end cultural immersion (Well we met Bradley Cooper!!!) One of the main reasons we went was to etch out a rough itinerary for The New York/Hampton's trip we want to develop as a yearly trip for Lily G Clients. We have already been inundated with interest and it seems a big girly trip to The Big Apple and The Hampton's is just what You ladies want!! Husbands/Kids not invited (sorry) but if we are going to go it's going to be serious girl bonding and shopping and star spotting (I seem to have a knack for that :)) eating and shoe obsessing trip!!! We will be touring through some of the most gorgeous Hampton's homes and staying and eating at all the secret little places that tourists never get to see!!

So while thinking about this endeavour (which will hopefully take place August this year) I was looking at the photo's from the trip and came across the photo's of The Maidstone Hotel  a lovely boutique hotel with the most fabulous interiors, it is whimsical with a happy saturation of Scandinavian influence in the way of Josef Frank fabrics. I have tried to source this amazing fabric in Australia and may have to ship it over because I love love love it!!

The front steps of The Maidstone.

This is the cosiest little space in real life. Sheep skin, Cow skin, it's all happening here.

Of course Ingrid Bergman adorns the Powder Room. Shrine to The Swedish Actress

Love these chairs....

More of Josef Frank's fabric from High Heeled foot in the door

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

This Too Shall Pass.....But while it last's......

I have so much to talk about at the moment. So many things that have transpired in my life (both personally and professionally) since my last blog. I have been through the full gamut of emotions and boy has it been one strange and heartbreaking ride. So many tragedies from the flood devastation so much show of courage and human compassion., The community bonds that have been indelibly formed from this surreal occurrence. Brisbane is not a town that experiences much adversity we are quite blessed with little or no hiccups in our happily sun filled existence. But it is in the face of adversity and hardship that people's true worth is revealed.

Personally I have been overwhelmed by the kindness of people that were once merely acquaintances and their show of support and compassion ensures that they have now become trusted and  deeply appreciated friends.
I am not a writer. I do love words and don't mind a ramble. But the Floods have been written about over and over. I will be forever moved from the experience and I know I didn't even get near the surface of seeing what my fellow Queenslanders have been through. But I deeply hurt for them and I have donated what I can and will continue to support financially and emotionally where I am able. So time for me to move on with out guilt at feeling frivolous.....

Lily G is featured in the Interiors Section of Women's Weekly this month. We are very thrilled and excited to see our work in such a long loved and esteemed magazine (I know my mum is thrilled !!! ha ha ha)
Thank You to the lovely and talented Catherine Shields for featuring the Azzopardi's beautiful home and to Simon Kenny from Content Agencies for the fabulous photo's. We aim to create lovely relaxed and elegant homes for our clients. My love of blue's and crisp clean white with touches of the industrial are very much present in this job. West End was inundated with water during the flood but thank goodness Bernadette and Rogers home was not in the firing line (as it where). For full pictures go here.
But here are a few from the job...I have posted a few before but my amateurish photography is nothing compared to Simon's professional skill.

P.S Thank You to A-M for her lovely comment on our last blog. I know she particularly has been through the Gauntlet and back a few too many times lately and wish her all the best.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Generosity of spirit.

Toowoomba is in total devastation as I write this other surrounding areas are evacuating due to flash flood warnings. An 8 metre Wall of water rushed through a modern, fully infastructured town and totally wiped out buildings, cars and washed people away in an instant!! My heart breaks to see and hear all the loss and despair that the families in that area are going through. Children as always are the most at risk and I cry for the poor mummy's that have lost their little ones. This is sooo close to home and as I sit in the warm safety of my own house I am proud to say that Stacey Sullaphen from Sunny Mummy has rallied the troops (so to speak) and raised $1000.00 last night in support of the Flood Relief  with not too much effort. She is hoping the surge of support will continue and I am encouraging everyone to dig a little in hope of helping these terribly traumatised families. You can find Sunny Mummy on face book and go and join her amazingly fabulous site for Mothers here She is also donating a portion of new memberships to the Flood Relief.
There is also a number to call from Qld Gov 1800 219 028. It is times like these that I feel truly rich, when I can give. x Take Care
P.S If any one know's where to get Sand Bags...Apparently my shop is likely to go under today!!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Colour My World

Well I have arrived back from our family fusion Xmas in Japan. We had a lovely cultural journey and have returned with many happy memories. My boys saw their first snow and relished in bombing mummy with snow balls and making the ubiquitous snow man. Nothing makes a mother happier than when her children are happy. Nothing makes a mother more stressed than when her children want to take a closer look at a speeding bullet train!!! Or when her four year old refuses to eat anything for 2 weeks apart from
Rice with Soy Sauce!! They trained with Ninjas, ate with Sumo's, said Konichiwa to a Japanese speaking Mickey Mouse and came back to Australia hopefully a tad more culturally aware.
Mummy on the other hand is a wee bit exhausted and is now ready for HER holiday. But it is my first day back at work and the rain is pelting down.. Very grey and dreary so decided to post some of Mary McDonald's beautiful happy work because her use of colour, scale and quirky mix of the unexpected always fills me with awe and puts a smile on my face.

Here is some gorgeous colour to brighten your day.


This instantly cheers me up. So pretty.

 Love the Pink with the Zebra stripe and the Chinoise mirror Gorgeous!

 Stripes, florals, scale is fabulous, lovely lines. This room is amazing. 

So Fresh for a formal room. Mary McDonald's is definitely courageous with her colours.

 Bold and I think could perhaps become a little tiring on the eyes but that fabulous ottoman just breaks it all up perfectly.