Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Yesterday's Winner!

Well we put names in a hat to be fair and the winner is Jenny from The Five Year Project So congratulations Jenny and we will be contacting you to get your address!
But don't forget that today we are going to give another one away. So that's one book down  and 3 more to go until Friday 29th.
So start following and leave a comment you have all day today to win Mary Mcdonald's Allure of Style
We have some more exciting give aways in the pipe line so stay tuned.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Don't forget Lily G's Allure of Style Give Away!!!

Every day starting today I will give away Mary Mcdonald's  'Allure Of Style' until this Friday!!!

Comment and follow Lily g blog and I will pick one bloggy a day for the next 4 days!! Yay!! Everyday I will draw a name and contact them and send them this stunning book!!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Music Monday!!

Little Jackson Boundy my gorgeous Nephew

A tad late today....reading in bed, drinking coffee and eating a yummy apple and cinnamon muffins straight out of the oven (Bliss!!)
Hope you all had a happy Easter. Mine has been a bit traumatic with my little 4 year old nephew Jack being taken to hospital at 4 am Saturday night after suffering a seizure. He is under observation and cat scans have been clear so we are all able to breathe a little easier now. He woke up quite grumpy Sunday morning wanting to know where his Easter Eggs where!!!
I am not religious per say (more the spiritual type) but I was having a serious word or two to The Powers that be on Sat morning I can tell you.
So being Easter and Anzac day and to all the people out there that might need some uplifting right now here is another very favourite of mine. It is from the Coen Brothers movie Oh Brother where art thou with George Clooney. I also love this clip because of simple but strong sentiment of the old photo's. And love love love Alison Krauss.    Enjoy!!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happy Easter

Well we are heading up to Noosa for the long...long weekend. Cannot wait!!! Visiting all the gorgeous shops, having yummy breakfast on the board walk and of course eating at Sails and sleeeeping in!!! Hopefully :)

Hope you all have a restful and family filled Easter break. See you bright and sparkly on the other side.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sweet Sixteen

Am in the midst of doing a gorgeous bedroom for a lovely 16 year old girl. This is some of the pieces from the mood board I created. We are doing french doing rooms for the younger people as I get to go a little crazy and creative. Will post the end result in a few weeks. Also go over to our other Blog at lily g homes to see some of the other jobs we have been up to.

Some Sari gold

Some fun animal print as trim and accessories

Oscar Wilde wallpaper 

Lots of fun frames to create interest and happiness.


Monday, April 18, 2011

Music Monday!!

OK so if you have never heard of Leonard Cohen you must listen to this man!! He is well into his 70's now and we went and saw him in concert last year. The man hasn't any grandiose stage show, no pyrotechnics, no gimmicks, just 3 hours of unadulterated, mesmerising talent with back up singers and his band.
He is the coolest of cool with his fedora and his grace and all of his songs and had a very very hard time picking just one!!  He is a poet and a philosopher on life and spent' 10 years in a Zen Monastery during his career which is still going strong today.  Just push Watch on You Tube.  Then be sure to listen to Hallelujah, Bird on a Wire, If it be your will and all of his others (don't forget to full screen it and turn your sound on ;) ....... Happy Monday hope you all had a great weekend x

Friday, April 15, 2011

Clone me now!!

This is my french bulldog Bon Bon he looks how I feel!!

Phew what a week!!! Ever had one of those days when you are just chasing your tail and can't get anything done because there is too much to be done!! When you wish that there were a couple of you to absorb the extra work needed doing!!  This week has been massive and we have been go go go from morning to night. This week (we had) in no particular order..........another magazine photo shoot...... many new consults......lot's of follow ups for our clients and the store has been crazy busy with clients loving our new look to a point where I'm now really low on stock again, trying hard to keep stock levels up but luckily lot's of lovely things still arriving daily.  My whole new shipment of coral nearly all gone!! My staff and I have been run off our little feet trying to make all our clients dreams come true and we are pooped! Today I was in Pullenvale and Kenmore, Natalee was at the Gold Coast and Mia was at Wellington Point with Bella holding the fort in store...Talk about travelling Wilburys.  But we are loving it and it is never boring or a chore when you are doing what you are passionate about. But. Seriously. Tired. And it has been a long semester for school and am really looking forward to a break next week for Easter.
Let me see what else is happening............

As I type this I am doing the final add ons to the Lily g on-line shop which will ( I promise) be up and running by the end of Easter. We have a lot of amazing new products to sell on line and more to come in the future.

The new White Label winter range will be launched soon with a fashion parade and wardrobe consultation on the night. We are also sourcing more labels which are absolutely stunning and lots of exciting new jewellery pieces .

 Our New York trip is back in the pipe line. I was considering postponing it due to the terrible start to this year....floods, cyclones, earthquakes and tsunami's have left everyone so worn out and it is only April!!! But we have still had so much interest that we have (with the help of our travel agents) nearly got it all priced out and the itinerary nutted out. So watch this space.... and let us know if you are interested because we only have limited spaces.
We are sponsoring many events in the coming months and have been busy building our list of wholesalers that are Eco aware. Up cycling is one of our primary concerns and we have just fitted out our whole shop with smart globes and recycled paper just for starters.  I have achieved most of my new plan for the beginning of the year.
 Our consult space is well and truly down stairs now and it has made a huge difference in the way our clients see the business.
So there you have a brief over you know why I'm a wee bit tired :) Anyway just thought I would catch you up and keep you all in the loop.
It is up up up for Lily g and we have only just started!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Music Monday!

Here is my choice for Music Monday. Wow the week has just flown by!! This one if for all the romantics out there....I am a huge sucker for tragic love stories. This is Wuthering Heights by Kate Bush (legend!!) with film clip from the 1992 movie with Ralf Feinnes & Juliette Binoche. Gorgeous song,  Great Movie and Brilliant book which I have personally read too many times to count. Ahhhh Heathcliffe the quintessential brooding bad boy.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Eagle Farm Markets

It was the launch of Eagle Farm Markets today. We got up bright & early and headed down to see what was on offer. We were not disappointed!! I would have to say that they are the best markets I have been to in Brisbane. The location, the produce and the atmosphere was something I have only experienced overseas. It had a vibrancy and energy that was fabulous. So many delicious stalls and the fruit & veg was just divine. The bakery section was out of this world with all the cakes having that home made vibe and plenty of options for gluten free.  We had hot buckets of fabulous Colombian coffee and bought all our meat, cheese, fruit and produce for the week. Marinated olives, mushrooms, Organic lamb, pork, beef and plenty of fresh seafood. The Majority of the produce market is located under the huge Fig Trees outside The St Leger grandstand. The hot breads and bakery items, deli section and many more inside the beautiful building.   We will be going there from now on as it has the charm and personality of an intimate Village Market. Every Sunday at Eagle Farm Racecourse.

The huge Fig Tree's offer lovely shade 

Family run business and delicious coffee as well

Hmmmm??? Diet just gone out the window.

Serious Trouble here

And here

I know I was loitering around the cakes a fare bit.

My Iris's I brought home.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Aerin Lauder has my life!!!

All images from Habitually Chic and before that lots of stylish magazines.

Seriously!!! She's beautiful, talented, familied up to the eyeballs (practically American Royalty), has never ending gorgeous cosmetic products to play with  and seems really lovely and is a mummy and does heaps of charity work and good deeds!!! Aaahhh!! Just was over at Habitually Chic and was drooling over all the exquisite rooms this women has the choice to languish in! I try not to get envious of anyone but me be a bright green right now!! Oh and seeing she has some spare time she's launching her own range. Everything from decor items, perfume and jewellery. Right she is going into the folder where I put India Hicks (the too good to be a mere mortal female folder) I'm off to eat a celery stalk!! ps I googled 'Aerin Lauder looking crap' and was told to take my un-American thoughts somewhere else!!
Now where is my ball gown!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Introducing some new Stock!!

Here are some little pics of the stock in store at the moment. Just arrived our beautiful new rug it was delivered on Monday and we sold it on Tuesday. We will be stocking a whole range of Hampton's style stripe rugs. Truly these rugs are To Die For. Gorgeous saturation of colours and so kid friendly! I dare your kids to destroy them. These rugs can take whatever you throw at them...and then a light shake or a hose off and they are good to go. They are great in high traffic areas and are sooo stylish I have already quoted 1/2 a dozen jobs using them.

Here's a photo of our first Hampton's rug from the new range we have sourced and available at Lily g. It is so beautiful....but this one is gone. My client wouldn't even wait for the next shipment (which is only 3 weeks away) she took the floor stock. Mind you I love a decisive woman...and this lady has style!

My new display shelf!! It is now full of our prettiest pieces. Looks so fresh. I have been after one of these for a long time. Don't you love hunting for that special piece and then when you find it it's even better than you hoped for. We have had so many comments about it and I am now searching for more for my clients.

Particularly liking our little panthers and our new beautiful lamp shades and accessories.

 Here is the whole look. The cabinet is Vintage Chinese and it just has the most beautiful jade colour on the doors.

 The Rug again, with our new Temple jars and our Big Drum side table which I'm particularly eyeing off for my lounge room. Adds such a great silhouette.

 Beautiful new baskets. I have already taken two home for a new laundry baskets in the boys rooms.

 Our little ode to Out of Africa...The drum stool, our horn scoops, all our beautiful pony skin purses and stunning tan leather jewellery boxes and what about the hurricane lamp with the leather strapping!!!

 This is the star of our new bath and skin care range. This little soap has a cult following down south. One shop sells 30 000 of these babies every year!!! I have been using mine for a month and I am hooked!!! Huge Olive Oil content and leaves your skin clean and fresh as though you have just stepped out from having a beautiful facial....not drying, can even use as shampoo for sensitive scalp! It is amazing!! Not the prettiest soap in the world can't even be classed as a soap in the true sense of the word. Definitely no nasty chemicals or perfumes. Just natural and pure and beautiful.

Some more colours available at Lily G. To view whole range contact us. Can you see any of these on your floor?? They go up to 2700 x 3000.

 Suzanne Tucker's Guest room featured in Elle Decor Feb 11 with Dash & Albert Rug on floor