Thursday, August 30, 2012

Many a Renovation!!

We are forging ahead on our gorgeous "Old Girl" in Clayfield!!

I have been working on this beautiful home for several months now and the walls and all the details are finally showing through the seemingly chaotic mish mash of framework and trestles.

We have 3 big renovations we are overseeing at present with 2 more in the pipe line. You might not see or hear from me for a while....
Also just got some very exciting news that I have to wait to share!!!

How is this weather? I am so excited it's warming up.

Will post more photo's soon.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Very Excited

I'm am at the moment supposed to be doing lighting plans, whole house specs for TWO homes and lots of other very very pressing jobs!! But!!! Martyn Lawrence Bullard mentioned me and my work on his twitter so I'm too excited to work!! Have now offered to go work for him as an intern for a month for free.....I would die!!! Anyway that made my Wednesday, which is usually a very ordinary day ha ha xx

This was the original image which inspired me: