Monday, April 19, 2010

New York

At the moment planning our New York trip for this year.....Last year we went for our birthdays...Michael and I share the same birthday so we have a double celebration (hard for me to share the day but I manage :) ) Last year we had the most fabulous time. When I travel I try not to do all the touristy things....long lines, over priced everything. I like to try and mingle with the locals and live their lives for the time we are there much more exciting and a better taste of the city/location you are staying in.
But Of course there are some very important things a girl must do while she is in New York.....and here is a few of my favourite things to do and some must do's
Stay down town in Tri be Ca or Greenwich village or any of the other down town areas it is fabulous in the villages....lots of my girlfriends like uptown but give me down town any day!!
If you are going to New York thoroughly recommend the 'Greenwich Hotel' OH MY GOD!!! it is amazing. Robert De Niro is a part owner and it is such a lovely boutique hotel. All reclaimed doors, cabinetry, mirrors, old worn velvets and big fire places. A big favourite of celebrities because very private and elegant and low key.
The service is amazing and a big basket of cookies and yummy treats every day (not very healthy but great for that sugar hit after a long day of shopping)
Always, always go to the iconic Ralph Lauren, love, love it. I wanted to move in...didn't want to leave!! The home wares, the clothes, things I didn't even know existed I wanted ha! ha!
Go to Nobu absolutely divine and the signature Black Cod with miso sauce is sooo good.
Go to the theatre (of course) I am a huge musical fan just love all that dancing and singing...but also of course go see a play on Broadway it's a chance to get up close and personal to a star or two...We saw Geoffrey Rush and Susan Sarandon in 'Exit the King' long and exestionalistic but god SHE looks good for her age!!
We got the concierge to find out what events were in town and ended up spending the evening at THE Paul Newman Hole in Wall foundation Charity show......Robert Redford introduced, Julia Roberts M.C'd, Art Garfunkel sang and Jerry Seinfeld did a comedy act!!! I saw Ralph Lauren in person and I was in Star Struck heaven Ohh and the surprise guest was Bill Clinton (and this was an average night) I wish I was a New Yorker.
Up town.
Go to The Plaza for high tea, The Oak Room for a drinky poo and Buddha Khan for dinner....all gorgeous, all divine food and atmosphere.
The Iconic and gorgeous Ralph Lauren Building 867 Madison Avenue....You know there's just some lust worthy something waiting for you in this The Fashion and Home wares Mecca of New York. The decadent and charming Greenwich Hotel in Tri Beca. Came home late at night after dinner and show and got our lovely Charlie to light a fire and open a bottle of something, snuggled at the fire, sinking into lush velvet distressed chairs.
One night we came in and the lead actor from The Soprano's was having a drinky poo too!!
Lovely personal rooms with little touches of home. Antiques and old books and time worn patina. Perfection!!!
Buddha Khan restaurant...Yummy and visually amazing. All these chandeliers are actually carved out of wood and all the panelling and details are exposed timber.
After a week in New York get on the Jitney or any of the other buses and head up to the Hampton's!! We were in house heaven! Walking around the Hampton's felt like being on a movie set. The shops were perfect, the houses were absolutely amazing! As we walked around the lane ways we saw deer, squirrels, bunnies and chip munks felt like I was in a Walt Disney cartoon.
We stayed at the gorgeous Mill House B & B absolute perfection. Breakfast to die for and lots of fresh fruit and juices and cookies on tap!!
The Mill House....Very close to everything and stuffed with East Hampton's charm.