Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Well!!! What a learning curve the last couple of weeks have been! Firstly I have been truly humbled by the warm and open welcome that I have received from all the Lily G customers, and wholesalers, it has made such a difference and what could have been a bumpy ride has instead turned into a brilliant one (except maybe the lawyers... they seem to create a huge fun vacuum wherever they go), but other than the legal handbrakes, all has gone fabulously!! I mean, I know how dedicated the Lily. G client base is...I know that I am in terrible trouble from all you lovely ladies out there if I err from our "Look" I have truly big shoes to fill and I'm sitting here with a big cold glass of N.Z Sauv Blanc in hand feeling very confident in my ability to continue to bring to you all the gorgeous furniture, fabrics, home wares and amazing things that makes us all soooo happy!! So stay tuned.....we've finished the first furniture fair have 2 more to go and then the end result will be a brand spanking new layout and absolutely too many fabulous pieces and gorgeous special little treasures that the shop will be bursting at the seams. I have a few secret plans afoot as well so keep checking in and have a laugh at my expense as I navigate through all the minefields that lay ahead and try and keep the bank at bay!! ha ha! p.s my technical ability will improve expedentially... so tonight it's just a few words of thanks and soon I will add in lots of lovely pics. xx