Monday, April 5, 2010

Blue, Green and of course White

Just before we all grab for our big warm chunky throws and start cocooning away for the winter I thought I would dwell on these lovely cheerful rooms. White as always is the star with blue & green sharing second billing. Love the twist here of this blue/grey floor opposed to the usual white. The Farmhouse sink is stainless here which is also something you don't see every day. The interior of the cupboard painted green is a great whimsical touch. Not really fussed on the light fittings though. I can just imagine a happy sun filled breakfast nook like this one in my beach house (when I get one that is) ha! ha! We have very similar light fittings in the shop...they add that feint touch of the industrial but are still quite handsome.
Isn't this combination just gorgeous! I love all the panelling down the staircase. We have a lot of these lovely soothing blues and greens in the store and they never fail to lift my spirits when I'm feeling a little down. I love the picture placed over the panelling...adds interest and all the elements are just working so well...and the clear resin stack tables (which is inspired)....tempers the heaviness of the coffee table.
P.S why is this craftsmanship so difficult to find in Australia??? Well particularly Brisbane?
We are house hunting at the moment and if I have to look at one more flat packed pre fab box I'll scream!!! I want a home that doesn't need an allen key to put it together!
Have spent the whole weekend either unpacking boxes in the shop or looking at boxes to potentially live in hahaha! Nighty night.