Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sig Bergamin

I was knocked sideways when I saw Sig Bergamin's work on Stuart Membery's blog and then Anna from Anna Spiro featured it as well. I am seriously in love!!! All of it embodies what I love most in an interior space. Clean Canvas of white with stunning architectural features of Soaring Raked ceilings and  heaps of natural light streaming in, eclectic mix of interesting pieces (seemingly) gathered from all corners of the world, layers upon layer of textures and prints that just sing in glorious jewel colours and last but not least a gorgeous injection of natural elements:- Jute, cane, wood and palm trees, my ever present friend.

love the beaded chair and the ottomans....well love it all really!!

What is not to love. This is exactly the direction Lily G is heading!!! More authentic and relaxed, more of a  global look to reflect a global ethic. Have a happy weekend!!     

His apartment in NYC again gorgeous!!