Thursday, December 29, 2011

Inspiration for a new job

I have a beautiful new client who is a bit of a celebrity and lives in the hinterland of Byron Bay.
She and her husband are very busy in their job's and they have a gorgeous baby girl.
Their house sits on high in the hinterland and has magnificant views of the coastline and Ocean and they live in a virtual paradise.
The problem is that their home is a big mix of many styles having been renovated several times, the last one being about 10 years ago.
Think Ski Chalet meets Brady bunch home with a good old big timber deck tacked on.
The bottom floor is below ground level so there isn't much natural light coming through and the main room is in an attic annex but again with amazing views.
These clients are delightful and young and have the adventurous spirit that is needed when taking a big leap of faith. I am thinking Key West meets Retro beach house. Lot's of white base and pops of acid colour.
It is in very early stages and will take a lot of work re renovating and ripping out cabinetry, new kitchen etc. But like an overly excited puppy I can't contain myself.
Here are some shots that are giving me inspiration for this particular job. Some of these spaces may only have a small essence of what I am going towards, but it is the first start of the process.
Most of these gorgeous images are from Coastal, love, love.

Click to enlarge and love the wallpaper in the bathroom