Tuesday, February 16, 2010

An update

Had Harry's bday party on Saturday, and of course mummy went crazy over the top on all things Hawaiian for the luau theme, just can't seem to do things in a sane and measured way...I have some deep neurosis when it comes to any type of entertaining in my home. Everything has to be perfection and matchy matchy and themed (crazy) just adds 10 times the workload... but I do love that moment when I stand back and see how lovely everything looks and there is something about a perfectly presented table that makes me strangely contented (I know, I know!!) Anyway it was a fabulous day even when some rude guests actually had the NERVE to move things around and EAT!! my beautifully organised food (nearly slapped some hands ha ha) The day was a success and I was very proud of my big 7 year old. Sharnel from http://www.thecupcakecompany.blogspot.com did a gorgeous job on Harry's little surfer cupcakes :) On a non neurosis note had absolutely fantastic time in Sydney yesterday running all over the Eastern Suburbs with Judy looking at gorgeous things and buying some fabulous pieces for lily-g. I can't wait for it all to arrive at the store!!! I am madly loving all the absolutely gorgeous fabrics I saw from Designer Guilds new collection today.... I went a tad overboard and bought a sinful amount of their amazing sample books (oops!!) Aahh well a girl must shop. Turning the upstairs mezzanine level into something new and exciting...I see all that space and I just have to fill it with beautiful things. I will be posting lots of photo's and inspirational pieces to keep you all up to date and would love to see what you all think of my ideas as they blossom. xxx ps here's some clues

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  1. This blog put a smile on my face and brought sunshine to my life on a gloomy day. Thank you for being so kind to share such beautiful beauty.