Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Terranium Love

Life in The Bell Jar These are so precious...found them on eloquent essence a very soft blog by a lovely blogger. I wish I had even the softest shade of a green thumb. I am determined to get myself some mini orchids they are to die for and I will put them under the cloches I have at the store....and I'll mist them and they will LIVE!!! As god is my witness I will not kill them.........intentionally.
Beautiful. Someone tell me the name of this lovely flower please.
Simple and a novel way to display your herbs.
So fresh and natural.


  1. beautiful images...and I'm pretty sure the flowers are snow drops

  2. I think the flower is Convallaria majalis, kielo, as we say in Finnish.

  3. I was thinking that the flower is lilly of the valley?


  4. These smart looking terrariums are the perfect pick me up any time of year. Since I live high north I especially appreciate a little flowering green sunshine under glass.
    Thank you carrying me on your blogroll. I will add yours to mine and look forward to following you. It’s always nice to meet new talented friends.

  5. Love this blog post .. I would adore to have any of these flowers / glass cloches decorating my home ... hmmm ... now I feel like shopping - lol :)

  6. Im very sure the flowers name ( here in Aust) is snow drops too... my mother loved them & I do remeber them in the garden growing up!..
    Gorgeous pictures!