Thursday, April 8, 2010

Big Boy

Emerson's Birthday It was my little baby's fourth birthday yesterday...and mummy took a long overdue day off and spent the day doing whatever my 4 year old wanted to do (with some passive guidance of course) Pancakes with cream & bacon! Then off to Emporium for Milkshakes at Bella Epoque and over the road to his favorite toy shop....He was given his choice of presents and I was smiling with his very humble selection. We all spend so much money on our children, but I found out yesterday that given the choice a 4 year old wants in no particular order 1. A pony on a stick to run around with (very old school) 2. A witches hat 3. A container and stick of bubble blowing stuff and 3 small plastic African animals....wilder beast, cheetah and baby lion. That was it!!! No Ben 10 No transformers, no huge plastic monstrosity...all open play toys that he will need to use his imagination for....I might let them choose more often instead of letting Marketing Executives sway me into buying some block buster movie merchandising. Now onto a small little party for 4 friends and a cute theme. Found these on Martha Stewart aren't they lovely. Wish I had the time to whip this up and the pink is obviously not appropriate (just having girl envy again) but I do like the golf themed one. So pretty for that little girl that doesn't particularly like fairies.
E is for EMERSON.....Happy birthday Mischief
This is the ' Oh I just did something really, really naughty but if I bat my eyelashes and smile you will never be able to be mad at me' look.


  1. Lovely, my son will be 4 in July. He knows how to use his big eyes too ! But my favourite is when I walk into the room & he says "nothing" which translates into" I have done something & you wont like it ".
    I will have to come up from the GC & see your new ideas !

  2. Sounds like you both had a beautiful day. My son loves that toy store too. For his birthday one year all of my family pitched in we bought him a pirate ship and lots of pirates from there. He still plays with it...secretively of course because he is a big 10 year old now!

    Happy birthday to you Emerson!

    Best wishes,

  3. He is adorable and a big happy birthday to Emerson, xv.

  4. Complimenti per il bellissimo blog. Clementina