Monday, January 9, 2012

Diane Keaton and Something's Gotta Give!

I'm reading Diane Keaton's autobiography at the moment; the book is called 'Then Again'. I'm really enjoying it. She is such a creative force.
It is in reality a book co-written by her and her mother. A telling of Diane's experiences growing up as compared to her mother's (who kept extensive journals) and how her mother's unfulfilled creative needs were a catalyst in driving Diane into performing and becoming a movie star.  Very beautiful story about a mother and daughter and I highly recommend it.
Interesting fact; she first started wearing hat's because she didn't think she was pretty enough and wanted to hide her face. ?? I think she is stunning!

So while reading Diane Keaton's book it got me to thinking about Diane Keaton's movie's and of course that got me thinking about my all time favourite "House movie" Something's Gotta Give'.  We all agree that the real star (no offence Diane and Jack) of the movie is the stunning Hampton's beach house where she lives and writes.....Truly her writing nook alone made my little eyes glow green with envy.

I became obsessed with not so much 'The House' but the ideal of the house; here was this independent,
successful woman and she lived in this stunning home where she had a sanctuary to respite from the chaos of the city and potter and create.  Loved IT!!!

(After watching that movie I decided I would own my obsession properly and make a dedicated sojourn to The Hampton's once a year. So every year I head there after a retail stop in NYC and seriously stalk the houses. It is an Obsession and there has been attempted intervention. Enough said.)

We all love the interiors of this house (even though it only a stage set) and I have been asked many times by clients to replicate this look for them.
The Hampton's aesthetic is perennial and stands the test of time, especially when you want to make smart decisions once.

Sooooo over the last couple of days my grey matter got into overdrive (hard on a weekend I'll tell you!!)
And I have decided that over the coming week I am going to break down 'The House'
Each room will be dissected and we will go over furniture options and alternatives to achieve 'The Look'.
Paint pallet, fabric choices and furniture options. I am THAT dedicated...I hope my real clients are understanding.
We'll all be having 'The Hampton's' feel in no time.

Then after Diane I might move onto Meryl and 'It's Complicated'
Any other movie Houses you love???


  1. I will never get tired of watching this movie or reading post about the house or how to achieve the design. I want to build and rent this exact house in the Hamptons because I think it would make a fortune.
    But looking at your pictures something struck me about the bedroom that always does when I see a room with so many chairs, how many people do these bedrooms need to hold at the same time? This room could easily seat 8-10 . I don't know about you but I almost never have more than 2-3 people in my room. Why do you need so many chairs? Am I missing some party that nobody has told me about?

  2. Awesome idea! can't wait for the inspiration. Have a Beautiful day xx

  3. Hi Lily, I too love the interiors in ALL of Nancy Meyer's films especially the ones you have mentioned as well as Father of the Bride, The Holiday and Baby Boom. I believe she uses her own interior designer to build and design the sets in all of her films. I particularly love the Wolf and Sub Zero appliances in most of the kitchens. Fifi

  4. I know Fifi. Nancy just has her finger on the pulse (along with Beth Rubin set decorator & Jon Hutman her production designer) when it comes to cozy covetable schemes. It's that lived in not too precious, classicaly comfortable vibe her movies depict so well. Hope I can live up to it fingers crossed.

  5. The harmony of colors, feelings, natural colors, natural, I have my house decorated with your ideas I think are wonderful and charming with you needed help I got it.

  6. Hello I found you through Sarah at Winton House blog, I remember trying to take a pic of this kitchen while watching the movie, I kept rewinding! I was redesigning my kitchen at the time! Lovely blog.

  7. oh dear,Nancy Meyers! Sad to say but after father of the Bride 1 we would look for movies with her involvement just to swoon over the decor. Remember the hyacinths in blue & white Spode like containers and the china....And the bed with its pillows and.... enough, its all flooding back.

  8. Mr and Mrs Smith! Especially the ensuite and main bath... Pleeeaaasee