Tuesday, August 9, 2011

It's all in the way you wear it!!!

Our new L'avion 'Fashion City' scarves have arrived and are stunning!!! We are all fighting over which one is the most beautiful. I (predictably) am besotted with the New York scarf, and because I lived in Japan for 4 years am  loving the Tokyo one as well. But they are all stunning!!!
All the L'avion scarves are 100% silk and have the most vibrant and beautiful colours. Designed by very stylish and clever Jo Scahill and Illustrated by internationally renowned Australian couture artist Kerrie Hess, these scarves are a must have for any fashion conscious girl.
I have always loved the classically chic look that wearing a scarf gives a girl. Teamed with some dark glasses you have immediate style.
With the L'avion scarves you have the extra advantage of wearing art. The only issue is which city are you??
N.Y, Paris, London or maybe Melbourne??
Maybe like me you are all of them depending on your mood?



New York




Featured in this months Vogue

Gorgeous Packaging

Kerrie's Book soon available at Lily G

 The style Queen's always knew how to 'present' a scarf.
Ladies and their scarves.




Grace in 'To Catch a Thief'

A stylish mummy

Lots of good advice


  1. Brisbanites don't wear scarves enough I think and this beautiful winter weather is perfect for them. I love the colours in the Sydney and Melbourne scarves, but they are all gorgeous. Looking forward to coming in and sampling the coffee.
    Clare x

  2. Ooh - how exciting! Did you order them after you commented on my blog post about them? Woohoo - you are an action girl!

    Love the Melbourne & NYC the most - but they are ALL beautiful. And so stylish, you are quite right, a little scarf twirled around one's self can add a lota style. Love that how to from the magazine.

  3. When I moved from Brisbane to Melbourne I soon learnt how to tie a scarf. These scarves are truly beautiful.

  4. First I thought the 'london' one was the best, then I liked the 'sydney' one better . . but the Tokyo one is pretty amazing too! lovT