Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Meg Braff Love!!!

Stalking housebeautiful (as we do) and have to say this house that Meg Braff decorated leaves me a little breathless!!! The client is a mother of 3!! Oh to have so many beautiful fabrics around my two little distruction missiles!! I would have to say Meg Braff is getting up there as one of my favourites. Her rooms always have a sense of youthfulness and fun about them....and of course the touches of chinoiserie (which is always a bonus in my books) Enjoy!!

Big (room) coveting happening!!

Love the retro 60's influence

Love everything!! Especially the coral fabric and the big tree. It thought I was sick of sun mirrors...I was wrong!!!

Best staircase rail ever!!


  1. Love this one too Melinda...just gorgeous. I don't think I've ever met Meg Braff design I haven't loved. And of course, those sea coral prints really make this design, don't you think? Not that I'm biased at all.....!! K xx

  2. Oh that conservatory style dining room is just fantastic! Looks like the BEST of the 1970s, in a very savvy, stylish way.
    Love, love, love that room!
    BTW ~ is there a trend here on conservatories emerging, or is it just me???

  3. I love the way BIG plants and BIG floral arrangements really lift a room; imagine these rooms without them, they wouldn't be the same. Just gorgeous!

    PS. Nice to meet you this past weekend. The shop looks stunning!

  4. Hi Melinda
    I'm in love with the taupe/cream wallpaper with the pagodas and the Chinese Chippendale on the staircase will be copied if we ever go up!
    I've gone Chinese-esque today on my blog also, including images of your store windows, hope you don't mind!? - SP