Monday, April 18, 2011

Music Monday!!

OK so if you have never heard of Leonard Cohen you must listen to this man!! He is well into his 70's now and we went and saw him in concert last year. The man hasn't any grandiose stage show, no pyrotechnics, no gimmicks, just 3 hours of unadulterated, mesmerising talent with back up singers and his band.
He is the coolest of cool with his fedora and his grace and all of his songs and had a very very hard time picking just one!!  He is a poet and a philosopher on life and spent' 10 years in a Zen Monastery during his career which is still going strong today.  Just push Watch on You Tube.  Then be sure to listen to Hallelujah, Bird on a Wire, If it be your will and all of his others (don't forget to full screen it and turn your sound on ;) ....... Happy Monday hope you all had a great weekend x


  1. I'm really loving the Monday Music posts - finding myself looking forward to seeing what comes up next!


  2. happened to see you blog. it's obvious you are a sophsicated lady, as well as you are good taste in music. you know i have been following L.Cohen for a very long time. He is really a charming man all the ways and so called beautiful loser sometimes. not occupy too long here, like to mention one more classic here, "famous blue raincost" it makes me heart broken every time i am listening to. Eno xoxo

  3. We saw him in concert a couple of years ago and he was indeed, mesmerizing. Unusual but compelling.That voice! Great selection!