Friday, March 25, 2011

Store bits and pieces

Here are some images of our new pieces in store.You can't see because of the reflection but I have got the most gorgeous chinese book ends in! They are sooo pretty. Love all the white temple jars in different texture, and my Joe Vinks table is perfect!

Here they are!! My new favourites!!

Sit back and relax on our gorgeous Pimms Chair with our stunning Gia Chandelier.

Going Green.

Simple Vignette. Loving my birds in store at the moment.

Our new chair and all our new pieces with lots of textures and natural elements. Great colours for Autumn.

 This looks much brighter in real life. The black and yellow look stunning together.


  1. Love your front window display, and the green/white colour story. I have the green/white bungalow cushion on my lounge, and it really makes me happy to look at.
    I can see myself on that Pimms chair on a gorgeous deck quite easily.

  2. It looks so lovely. I agree, black, yellow and white are a fab combination. Have a lovely weekend!

  3. Love love everything, whenever I drive pass your beautiful shop, I can't concentrate on driving! Have a lovely day x

  4. Love the first pic. Gorgeous! Would love to see more of your work featured :-)

  5. there's that gorgous lounge I saw the other day! the shop looks amazing.