Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bring on Winter

I am a winter girl and just love bundling up in big coats and boots. Somehow it is much easier to look elegant and stylish when there isn't sweat dripping down your face.
Even though we are a season behind the rest of the world (and don't have that much of a winter to speak of) we still embrace it as much as someone south of the equator can!! With that in mind I came across these stunning images by photographer Jaques Dequeker he does the MOST amazing photographs.
So here are some absolutely to die for fashion to put us in the mood!!!

Love this one absolutely gorgeous!!

 My favourite
 This is such a fantastic image love it!!

I must say these images put my snow outfits to shame!
Melinda x


  1. I'm a winter girl myself. I prefer to be bundled up than being in tanks and shorts. Nice images.

  2. Hi Melinda, Thank you so much for your comment on the stool. The fabric you have suggested sounds exactly what I would like. Will be in brisbane through the week and will pop into you store.

  3. Well are we a season behind or a season ahead? Or just a season that is different? Depends on how you look at it!

    These images are all so glamourous ~ gorgeous.