Wednesday, March 10, 2010

This looks so pretty. We are getting similar Charger plates at lily-g. Wonder
what was served up?? Sorry am girly girl love pink and green together. What a
wonderful colour in the the candles sticks....gush gush
What a beautiful happy space. I love the light fixture with all the collected beach flotsam and shells.
Loving the soft mint and the tin pannelling on the front of what must be the FRIDGE!!
That is absolutely gorgeous.
Aaah whats not to love in this kitchen?? Strong and clean, with fabulous
cabinetry and the panelling is gorgeous. Perfect balance to the soaring white exposed beam ceiling We are getting big cane shades similar to this and
I think they will look perfect in my Carribean room.


  1. I showed this kitchen in one of my posts also. I just love the colors, and, like you mentioned, the tin-covered fridge is wonderful!

  2. Lovely images. I, too, have a thing for pink and green..especially for spring. It is just so fresh, clean, fun.

  3. They are all gorgeous pictures but I really love the 3rd image.

    Best wishes and happy weekend,