Tuesday, March 23, 2010

" There comes a time in every woman's life when the only thing that helps is a glass of Champagne" Bette Davis

Again sitting up late at night doing a tad bit of blogging to detach from the long day of working on shop, attending school functions and trying to fit in some semblance of normality in my life. Soooo I thought I would be a good girl today and book an appointment with my friendly female G.P. I was long overdue for a check up, and seeing as I am turning 40 in June I thought it was time to be a responsible adult and give the cholesterol, liver function and the lady bits all a thorough once over so I can rush head first into my 41st year without any backward glances or worries that I'm taking my health for granted etc etc.

1st lesson I learnt today.....Friendly Female G.P. Not so Friendly!!!! Apparently seeing as I am turning 40, I am "Now on my way TOWARDS MENOPAUSE!!!! HELLO????? isn't 40 the new 30???? Can someone please call up my dumb doctor and let her in on the secret that ALL OF THE MAGAZINES ALREADY KNOW!! and have been assuring me of for all of this time......40 is wonderful!!! And not old!! Really! Not...is it???? Well I know it's not young but....oh well what the hell..I feel young inside....Very immature in fact :)

2ND lesson.....Big Son's Easter Service is no place for Little Son...When Jesus is being nailed to cross as he is every year and all is quiet and sombre in big hall full of teachers, school students and parents. 4 year old yells in very accusatory tone "It's the same ending as last year!!!" Apparently judging by glares from very intense Alpha mummy sitting near me....laughing at my devilish off springs innocent outcry is not the acceptable response. Must remember to be more appropriate.

3rd lesson.....There is more than one way to set a table! Crisis point!! I am throwing lovely soiree to celebrate my ownership of Lily-g. I have invited lots of V.I.P clients, Architects and important Business like people. In my typical Melinda impetuousness and lacking any sort of for-site to how absolutely flat out I would be, I promised a small talk on the "perfect table setting" But there are soooo many table settings! I can't decide....Do I do Easter table to be seasonal? dinner table? Lunch?? Brunch?? Country??? I am over-idea-d (new word) with all the information regarding tables settings, and frozen with indecision! And using too many exclamation marks!!!

But on good note my lovely speaker Bernadette O'Shea who is Australia's absolute expert on Champagne is giving a talk and notes on some yummy Champagnes we have chosen for the night as well as signing her fabulous book..."Champagne and Chandeliers" So all is not too bad. Also, my store is looking absolutely gorgeous, so all of the hard work is paying off and my boys love their old worn out rocketing towards Menopausal mummy so it is a happy day after all....maybe.

p.s Doesn't "How to throw a B.B.Q" have a nice ring to it??

Lovely Bernadette...I think I need a little drink of something...not very impressionable at all am I??


  1. Please tell me 40 is the new 30, cause this girl thinks 30ish is the new 20! I'm so glad I stopped by..looking forward to following. xo

  2. I love the new word 'over-idea- d' ! May I use that term in my blog ? I am currently renovating & from all the beautiful images I see in blogland (never mind the hundreds of magazines I have purchased also) I am defiantly 'over-idea-d' !!!
    P.S Cant wait to see your new look store

  3. I can totally relate to a few of those scenarios.

    And just remember, it will all work out on the day.

  4. Love that quote. I had an elderly single, female neighbor once. She had a bottle of champagne to herself everyday, until the day she died. Now that's going out in style!

  5. Great Story! Loving your blog, and those teacups. Will be following! :)

  6. I laughed when I read your story - great read! Yes I do think that 40 is the new 30 and I just don't think the medical fraternity have grasped that concept yet! We need to bring them up to speed...I am now 45 and feel, act and work like I am 25. So I have decided that 50 is not an option I am not going to count anymore. I have a 22, 17 and 7 year old and run my interior design business and a husband who is a surgeon... so I know how you feel about trying to get some time for yourself.
    I also thought the fact that your little son wasn't impressed with the Easter service as it was the same ending....priceless!
    I love your blog and I have just bought Bernadette O'Shea's book .. so I might have to just pop a bottle of bubbly, pour a glass and enjoy. Hope you have a great party and the bar-b-que table setting would be great or maybe a "Gourmet BAr-B-Que table setting"?

  7. Melinda, I so wish I could be there to meet you and learn about table setting. But my husband comes home from 2 weeks in Japan and I have cakes to make for my daughters birthday tomorrow. OMG.... I am so missing out. But I will be sure to get into the store soon.
    Have a super night (it will be perfect I am sure)

  8. never mind the meno pause.... just enjoy life and a healthy body ;)
    Wish you a happy Easter weekend