Thursday, January 28, 2010

Image from Velvet and Linen, gorgeous bathroom one of our favorites.

It is so hard to source beautiful bathroom furniture so we are on the look out for anything that inspires us. I came across the most fabulous bathroom console.. it is to die for so that will be in store in a couple of weeks we have also found some amazing hand made bath oils, soaps and candles. Will be available soon in store and on line.

Whenever I go to the states I'm always amazed at the access they all have to well made beautiful things..I want that for lily-g, unique pieces of quality and great craftsmanship. The hunt continues.....


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  1. May I suggest not forgetting to "think outside the box". There are so many lovely bathroom vanities being created out of so many things. Like an old chest of drawers for example. I am so excited for you and Lily-G. I am following along.