Thursday, November 12, 2009

What's Inspiring me

When my business is sold maybe just maybe I will find the time to organize my shoes like this, dust free, covered by a gorgeous drape but still giving you a peek at the jimmy choo's! minus the chair! I'm just drooling over the mirror mantle piece!
Taking your curtains close to the ceiling is my favourite look, sisal rugs on dark floors lots of white! love the windows wow!
If you have a large room I'm loving placing furniture with more than one sitting area. Still inspiring me is simple elegant interiors that don't scream over done, but still remain interesting and clever! love, love, love this room! my inspiration for my next home .
Again dark floors and stark white walls and touches of gold (minus the mirror yuk)
black and white sketches in elegant frames, simple curtains and touches of gold!
All white bathrooms with furniture pieces

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