Monday, July 23, 2012

Three Rooms Done

Well it was all hands on deck today! We had a big install at the beautiful home of our client.
First off was hanging the curtains, blinds and all the art work, then up with  gorgeous light which came all the way from the States. Then install of furniture, rugs and accessories, styling and plants!! We had a ball. I must say it is my favourite part of my job when I get to transform a house into a home for a beautiful client.
The beauty of this job is the client trusted me 100% and believed in my vision. Sometimes clients don't trust in the process and that is when problems occur.
Tanya's house was stunning to start with and she wanted something that would stand the test of time, not date too quickly and would be user friendly for kids as well as adults. We created different zones with all custom made furniture, rugs and beautiful one off pieces.
Actually Tanya's home is the first home to carry exclusive Lily G range of furniture.
We put the Co Co sofa in and the Claudette Chairs as well as our Montaque Range in the casual room.
Now we are starting on the upper level and that is going to be stunning...very Hollywood Regency!!

Our Custom made coffee Table...We love it!!

Concept for Formal Living

Concept for Dining Room

Hope you like the pics. Now we have to do the HIA room in 3 days!!! Ahhh Clone me into 3!!


  1. Fabulous as always! Just Beautiful can't wait to see the bedrooms! Have a lovely week xx

  2. These are marvelous concepts you have right here. I got a few ideas about how to fix my living room now. I hope it turns out as gorgeous as with those in the photos.

  3. Absolutely gorgeous as always Melinda :) And thanks for the mention - happy to have my prints in such a beautiful home K x

  4. Hi Melinda,
    What beautiful rooms.
    I love the imformal livingroom the most, very "lilyG". So relaxed and so elegant.
    The lights over the dining table are just wonderful, they really ground the room.
    Good luck with the HIA. Keep thinking about a sleep in on the weekend and you will get through it.
    warm wishes,

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  6. Hello Melinda,
    Took your advice and checked out your new website. Absolutely love the dining room with the purple flowers on the table. Hard to believe you have achieved so much within such a small space. So Welcoming! (Awesome photo too by the way)
    Best Regards, Jason Chipp. Ensign Ship Brokers